What Is A to Z?

A to Z e-Marketing is a targeted email advertising company that connects businesses of all sizes with their local consumers. With over 250 million opt-in email addresses we make it easy for companies to convey their valuable messages to a large base of potential customers at an affordable cost.  

What does “permission based” and “opt-in” mean?

A to Z e-Marketing brings their clients permission-based, Opt-In email lists by geographical target market areas. All consumers have given their permission for us to send to them offers, specials and information from local business. We can target emails based on consumer demographics and by state, county, city, and Canadian province.

Before an email is added to our database, it is verified for deliverability and accuracy. We then verify opt-in status of each consumer and we strictly adhere to all anti-spam regulations and practices. If an email list does not contain permission-based and/or opt-in emails, then it is illegal to use for email marketing purposes.

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